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Here you can read some stories of survival from people we have supported across many of our services.


Their names have been changed to protect their identities but their words offer hope and inspiration: there is life after abuse.

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Carol’s Story

Rape and sexual violence

Carol was supported by our Independent Sexual Violence Advice (ISVA) Service.   “I have been receiving support from my ISVA since September 2016. She helped me to make a decision about reporting by giving me all my options and she…

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Jawad’s Story

Male survivors

Jawad was abused as a child for many years by family members. For many years, he kept what happened inside himself and told nobody, ashamed and feeling guilty, as if it was his fault. Being around his family was painful, as he felt that they had not noticed or protect...

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Claire’s Story

Children and young people

Claire grew up in a home where domestic abuse was part of everyday life. She saw her father abuse, control and hit her mother regularly. This was extremely traumatic for her and although after some years her parents separated, she experienced flashbacks, anxiety and d...

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Tina’s Story

Forced marriage & honour based violence

Tina is from India. She married her husband in a forced marriage, and was abused by both him and his family. She became pregnant and worried for her child. She escaped from her abusers and was referred to us and supported in our refuge. There she lived alongside other women and children who had esca...

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Amelia’s Story

Modern Slavery

Amelia is from an Eastern European country. Her ‘boyfriend’ told her that he could get them both jobs in the UK. He went ahead and sent plane tickets for her to join him. However, when she arrived at the airport she was met by a strange man. He drove her to a flat where she was raped and forced ...

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