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Carol’s Story

Carol was supported by our Independent Sexual Violence Advice (ISVA) Service.


“I have been receiving support from my ISVA since September 2016. She helped me to make a decision about reporting by giving me all my options. This made me feel like I had a choice and had to do what is right for me. She talked to me about the impact of the sexual violence and helped explain that everything I was feeling was totally normal. She listened to me and did not judge me or assume how I was feeling she just sat with me and helped me make sense of what had happened. I felt listened to and believed which was probably the most important part for me.


She was always very patient with me. I felt free to speak, cry or express my emotions without feeling silly. There were times when I felt unsure about how I was feeling but she gave nothing but comfort and reassurance. I quickly realized that she was someone who really cared. She was trustworthy and knowledgeable about issues of abuse and violence.


I can honestly say that my experience of abuse has been the worst thing I have ever been through in my entire life and without the help of my ISVA and counsellor I’m not sure I would have made it out the other side. I feel I owe them so much. The service has been invaluable to me – it saved my life. I will remain ever grateful and I feel so blessed to have had this support.”


We have changed Carol’s name to protect her identity.



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