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How you can support BCWA

Your support and fundraising can help victims of abuse to rebuild their lives. Right now there are hundreds of victims of violence across the West Midlands living in fear. You can help us reach them with the essential help and support they need.

You can help us listen, help us support, and help us care for victims of abuse and exploitation.

Read on to find out how you can get involved and make a difference.

How your donations
make a difference








A £5 donation

A welcome pack for a child coming to refuge who has had to leave home with nothing.

A £10 donation

A taxi fare to get a woman and her family to safe refuge away from their abuser or an emergency food parcel for a family’s first days in refuge.

A £20 donation

An hour’s staffing for our 24 hour helpline, so we can always be there when people need us.

A £30 donation

A specialist counselling session for a victim of rape, enabling them to cope with trauma and start to rebuild their life.

A £50 donation

A support group for young girls who have been abused or sexually exploited, helping them to rebuild their self-esteem.

A £100 donation

Support at court for a young victim of rape, helping them feel safe during what can be a very traumatic process.

A £200+ donation

£200: A course of art therapy to help children who have been affected by abuse to rebuild their sense of safety and self-esteem.

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Other ways you can help

You can also donate goods to help the families that come to our refuges. They have often had to leave their whole lives behind when they flee abuse at home. Help us make them welcome and comfortable by donating essential items for the first few days:

Create a welcome food pack for a family in refuge

Practical food such as cereal, tea bags, sugar, long-life milk, pasta, rice, tins of veg, meat and lentils can make sure a family get a comforting meal when they arrive in refuge at any time of day or night.

Make a welcome pack for a victim of trafficking

The victims of trafficking we support have often been held in terrible conditions. The first thing they want when they come to us is a shower and clean clothes. You can help them to start washing the past away by donating a welcome pack of shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, face cloth, and pyjamas.

Help welcome a new baby or help a child settle in to refuge

Why not create a welcome pack for a new baby with wipes, nappies, baby toiletries and a babygro. Or you could make a welcome pack for a child arriving to refuge with a colouring book, pencils, a toy, and fun kid’s toiletries like bubble bath.

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Corporate Relationships

If you are looking for a rewarding partnership with a charity that makes a real difference to people’s lives in your area, please consider choosing BCWA as your charity partner or Charity of the Year.


We can share mutual benefits and make a huge difference to women and children staying in our refuges escaping violence, slavery and sexual abuse.


We have a passionate and experienced fundraiser to support you and help make the most of your journey with BCWA.

We have some exciting sponsorship opportunities that we would love to discuss with you, such as sponsoring a room at refuge, sponsoring our emergency helpline, or sponsoring children’s therapy.


Volunteering at BCWA is both touching and rewarding. Your staff will enjoy being part of a team that shows survivors that people do care for them, this means so much to somebody that has had to leave everything, overcome trauma and start to rebuild their lives.

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A picture of a purple t shirt hanging against a white wall

GO PURPLE for Black Country Women’s Aid in October 2018

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the colour purple is worn to show survivors we care.  Purple is a colour worn by early women’s rights activists and today it is an important colour for campaigners against domestic abuse and violence against women and girls.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month was originally launched in the USA as a way to unite individuals and organizations working on domestic violence: our Go Purple month will bring this campaign to the West Midlands!

Why is it important?

Domestic abuse remains at epidemic levels, with 2 women a week being killed by a former or current partner. Domestic violence happens in every community and affects people of all ages. While most victims are women and girls, domestic violence affects men and boys too. The impacts of domestic violence affect individuals, families, communities, and society as a whole. But prevention is possible.

What can we do?

As a society we have to remove the stigma around domestic violence. We need to make domestic violence an issue that we can talk about openly so that victims and survivors won’t feel judged for experiencing abuse, and can come forward to get help. Together, we can help individuals, communities and businesses understand how they can take action to promote safety, respect and equality to end domestic violence.

How your fundraising will help

Black Country Women’s Aid supported over 8000 women, children and men last year who had experienced abuse and violence. Our refuges offered a safe place to stay, our advocates and counsellors helped people to get back on their feet, cope with trauma and look towards a safer future.

We currently receive over 24 calls an hour and our 6 refuges are almost always full. We need your help to make sure no victim of abuse is turned away from support.

How to take part

  1. Just decide on a day in October when you will Go Purple
  2. Each person/pupil pays £1 and wears a purple item to school, college or work or you can paints your nails purple, bake and sell purple cupcakes and for the more daring spray your beard, hair or moustache purple.
  3. Let us know what day by registering on our website or by contacting Debbie our fundraiser on 0121 553 0090 or by email
  4. We will send you our fundraising pack for ideas and show you how we will spend the money that you raise
  5. Take photos of your purple day and we will share on our facebook and twitter. There is a prize for the most interesting purple picture.
  6. Have fun !

We invite you to encourage friends, family members, colleagues and community members to show their support by Going Purple too.

Thank you for making our community a happier place to live

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