Go Purple

What is Go Purple?

Go Purple is a month-long appeal in aid of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Purple is a colour worn by early women’s rights activists and today it is an important colour for campaigners against domestic abuse and violence against women and girls.




What can we do?

As a society, we have to remove the stigma around domestic violence. We need to make domestic violence an issue that we can talk about openly so that victims and survivors won’t feel judged for experiencing abuse, and can come forward to get help. Together, we can help individuals, communities and businesses understand how they can take action to promote safety, respect and equality to end domestic violence.

Why is it important?

Domestic abuse remains at epidemic levels, with 2 women a week being killed by a former or current partner. Domestic violence happens in every community and affects people of all ages. While most victims are women and girls, domestic violence affects men and boys too. The impacts of domestic violence affect individuals, families, communities, and society as a whole. But prevention is possible.

How your money makes a difference

Black Country Women’s Aid supported over 9000 women, children and men last year who had experienced abuse and violence. Our refuges offered a safe place to stay, our advocates and counsellors helped people to get back on their feet, cope with trauma and look towards a safer future.

Survivors often come into refuge with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. While they stay in refuge, they are supported to make a housing application, so they can start a brand new life. A safer life. But they often leave refuge with very little money and move into an empty house. This means no beds, no sofa, no cooker or fridge. No curtains or carpet or cutlery or towels. It takes more money to make a house a home.

This year’s Go Purple fundraising will go towards our Crisis Fund, which we use to help women and children when they leave our refuges.

With your help, they can:

  • buy the essentials for their new home
  • avoid having to choose between a bed or a washing machine
  • have the freedom to choose styles and colours they like
  • have a bed and clean linen to sleep in

With your donation, they can have the new beginning they deserve.

How you can get involved with Go Purple

  1. Just decide on a day in October when you will Go Purple
  2. Each person/pupil pays £1 and wears a purple item to school, college or work or you can paint your nails purple, bake and sell purple cupcakes and for the more daring spray your beard, hair or moustache purple.
  3. Let us know what day by registering on our website or by contacting Debbie or Liz on 0121 553 0090
  4. Download our fundraising pack for ideas and to find out how we will spend the money that you raise
  5. Take photos of your purple day and we will share them on our Facebook and Twitter. There is a prize for the most interesting purple picture.
  6. Simply make a donation here.
  7. Download our fundraising pack here.
  8. Have *fun!

Whether you do a sponsored walk, a purple clothes day at work, bake and sell cupcakes, we are very excited to see all the creative ways you get involved with Go Purple.

*Make it extra fun by encouraging friends, family members, colleagues and community members to show their support by Going Purple too.

How you can donate

You can make a donation via our Go Purple fundraising page here: virginmoneygiving.com/fund/GoPurple

Thank you to our sponsor

This year’s Go Purple has been sponsored by HomeServe, who have also kindly designed the official Go Purple 2021 poster, and the Promote Your Event Go Purple poster, which is available for download below.


Click here to download Go Purple 2021 posters.

Click here to download the Promote Your Event Go Purple poster.

Click here to download our fundraising pack.

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