Trigger warning

This page contains information that may be upsetting and triggering to survivors of abuse.


IRIS Black Country works with local General Practices across the region to improve safety for their patients who experience domestic abuse.


Our team of IRIS Advocate Educators deliver the support and training to enable this to happen.

Where are we based?

IRIS is well-established in Walsall, Sandwell, and Dudley.

For over three years we have been working in a person-centred way improving health outcomes for patients by listening to their story and dealing with the root cause of their poor health. This helps them to feel confident to make their own choices to determine their future, which also changes the lives of their children.

Thank you for persevering with me, now that I am away and safe out of the area I can see that it was the right decision otherwise I would never have escaped the abuse from him or his family.

Working with GPs and health professionals

We train doctors, nurses and administration staff to identify patients who may have experienced domestic abuse in the past or are going through it right now, men or women.

The surgery staff recognise the health symptoms which indicate sustained stress and fear and refer those patients for support from the team of IRIS Advocate Educators (AE’s). We work directly with those patients to improve their safety by offering advice and information through an individualised safety and support programme

IRIS: Identification and Referral to Improve Safety

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Trigger warning

Experiences of domestic abuse are shared in this video.

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I only have you to thank, you stood by me when I was down and I didn’t believe I would ever get out of this situation but you have gone above and beyond to get me rehoused and safe and things are finally falling into place now.

Getting in touch

For more information or to ask for support, call and ask for an IRIS Advocate Educator

Your local IRIS trained surgery can also refer you for support, using our referral form by completing brief details and emailing it to our dedicated email address.

The best place to request IRIS training for your health centre is via our email too.


IRIS Information Leaflet

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