‘Rudge and Garnett’ is a new small business, based in the Black Country, with a heart for seeing hope and joy spread like wildflowers.

We sell giftware, such as illustrated art prints, greetings cards and gift wrap, with 10% of our sales going towards our chosen charity. We want to spread hope and joy, not just in the art we create, but also in a practical way through the sales they generate.

The charity we have chosen to support as we launch our new business is ‘Black Country Women’s Aid’.

Here’s the story behind our choice:

Over the last few months, I (Naomi Evans) have experienced a constant tugging in my heart to help people, particularly those involved in human trafficking and modern-day slavery, but I just wasn’t sure where to begin. After searching around on the internet, and finding lots of jobs/voluntary roles that didn’t seem to be a good match to my skills, I stumbled upon BCWA and their Heart2Heart campaign – a fundraising campaign to make knitted/sewn hearts to sell and raise money to support the work they do. ‘YES, I CAN DO THIS!’ was my immediate reaction!

Finally, something that fit my skill set and passion! That was the start… I began to make illustrated prints inspired by the hearts I’d sewn for the campaign, which then led on to the realisation that this tied so nicely into the business I’ve been longing to launch – one which sells illustrated prints and giftware. And so began the official setting up of my small business ‘Rudge and Garnett’, where there was no doubt in mind BCWA would be the first charity I would support by donating a percentage of my sales to them.

For the next 6 months 10% of our sales will go towards supporting the valuable work BCWA does. These funds will go towards their emergency crisis fund, which will pay for things such as getting a taxi to refuge, a bus fare for a young person to meet for counselling and buying a kettle for somebody moving out of refuge. Such small things can contribute to making a big difference!

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