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Working for BCWA is extremely rewarding. Our team works with drive and passion to change policy, practice and people’s lives. Each of our skilled staff places victims’ voices at the heart of all they do, whether they work in support, administration, management or fundraising.

BCWA also offers staff a range of opportunities to grow and flourish, through our training and development programmes.

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Black Country Women's Aid Staff Stories

Rose | Modern Slavery Support Services

Rose has been with BCWA since 2014, first as Senior support Worker and now as Service Manager in our BCWA’s Modern Slavery Support team, managing a team of 22 staff. Rose has a law degree that covered Asylum and Immigration law and has over 8 years’ experience providing advice and support to vulnerable adults and children with immigration and complex asylum support issues.

Pauline | Domestic Abuse Services

I have a strong passion for supporting domestic violence and abuse survivors and want to make a difference in their lives. My previous experience working with ex-offenders gave me a unique perspective and skill set that is valuable in supporting my clients. My career move has provided new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth. I feel a stronger alignment with the mission and values of BCWA.

Jivan | Sexual Violence Services

My career is steered by my desires and ambitions but also the needs of my family. Finding a balance between the two is important for me to find joy in my life. Working for a charity, there is no focus on profit. We’re here so people are able to access support, have the tools to make their own choices and feel empowered to navigate this complex world. At BCWA, I make a difference for our victims and have a valuable role within society.

Katie | Modern Day Slavery (MDS) Services

I have a master’s degree in Law and worked in a law firm before joining BCWA. I felt like something was missing from the usual legal route. I came across Women’s Aid while working in the courts, and I wanted to feel as though I could make a real difference. I started in rape and sexual violence support and moved on to children’s services. I’m now a MDS research and engagement officer and feel that my legal skills have not gone to waste.

Tracey | Corporate Team

During my 8 years here I have seen BCWA grow and develop so much. My own journey has seen me increase my working hours from 2 to 5 days. My team has also grown and now stands at 3 people with a hope to increase to 4 soon. My role sees me mainly working behind the scenes to ensure compliance and provide assurances to the board of trustees. I feel honoured that my work helps our frontline workers provide vital support to our clients.

Beth | Corporate Team

I can't thank my managers enough for training me and giving me opportunities to grow and develop. I use what I learnt previously working frontline with clients to develop the infrastructure, systems and internal workings of the charity. I support the development of new projects, launch new systems and I work across all BCWA services. I’ve loved my time at BCWA and am grateful for the opportunities to develop and progress.

Priya | Domestic Abuse Services

I started at BCWA as a first contact administrator and from there progressed to a role as a frontline worker. I worked with a range of cases and risks which helped me understand and support women and their children. I moved into my current role as a domestic abuse support worker as part of a new project working parallel to perpetrator work. I have grown immensely while working here both professionally and personally.

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