We are delighted to announce that BBC Children in Need has granted us a further three years’ funding to continue our specialist support work with children living with domestic abuse.

1 in 7 children and young people under 18 will have lived with domestic violence at some point in their childhood.

In 90% of cases, children are in the same or the next room when abuse occurs

Children directly witness 75% of abusive incidents


Children are the silent victims of domestic abuse. The impact of growing up in a home where there is abuse, violence and coercive control can last a lifetime. Our Young People’s Advocacy service offers them: a safe space to talk and be heard; emotional and practical support; therapeutic work to help them cope with difficult emotions; safety planning; and support to understand and develop healthy peer relationships.

With this new three-year funding from Children in Need, we will be able to support a further 540 children and young people. A 17 year old girl supported through the project last year commented:

You always manage to make every day…a little easier. I have hope now.


Sara Ward, Chief Executive of BCWA, said:

This fund will help vulnerable children and young people to recover from difficult early experiences. We will work with them to lay a firm foundation of emotional wellbeing, helping them to cope and ensuring they always know how and where to get help. We will work with young people to build their confidence and raise their aspirations, ensuring that they can identify their talents, make plans for the future and develop healthy relationships for a positive and fulfilled future.  Thank you BBC Children in Need!



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