Children and young people survivors need help too.

BCWA is currently fund raising to send children and young people in our service on an outward-bound adventure as part of our trauma informed interventions, helping to address and overcome their experiences of rape, sexual violence and abuse.

How does therapy help survivors?

Outdoor adventure therapy can help children and young people to begin to access and talk about their feelings with the therapist and the other children within the programme that have had similar experiences. The power of the shared experience is therapeutic at any age. Feelings of isolation, and self-blame can be shared and encourages the group to work together, helping them bond and build friendships.

This exciting therapy set in a beautiful outdoor landscape provides activities such as fire lighting, shelter building and team bonding exercises where they can just have fun and be kids.

These sessions are based around their specific needs, helping to restore their confidence and self-esteem, manage anxieties, trust others and go on to enjoy their young lives. 

How you can help

It costs £1000 to send 10 children into the great outdoors for this creative therapy and much needed change of scenery and BCWA have many children and young people in service that would greatly benefit from this type of activity and support.

Making a donation will go towards getting the children out there, getting them having fun, in a safe and healthy environment, getting their smile back and get on with being a kid again.

Click here to help children get the therapy they need.