Everybody can get involved with volunteering

While lockdown and social distancing measures meant that our usual volunteering activities were limited, our Volunteer Coordinator explored other ways that members of the public can make a difference. This included poster and fundraising tin distribution across Sandwell, which has made a difference to those who needed our help but didn’t know we were still open.

We were also lucky enough to be approached by a local NCS group (National Citizen Service) and invited to support the young people in taking social action.

About NCS

The NCS is a youth programme that runs across England and Northern Ireland. They exist to engage, unite and empower young people, building their confidence so they can go out there and achieve their dreams, no matter where they’re from or what their background is. This programme is managed and supported by NCS Trust, the NCS central team who are constantly working to make sure they deliver the most impactful experience they can to as many young people as possible.

“So far, nearly half a million young people have taken part in NCS. For almost a decade, we’ve been working with local businesses, youth centres, football clubs and grassroots initiatives. Together, we’re aiming to make the world a fairer, kinder, more compassionate place.”

Working together

Our Volunteer Coordinator delivered a presentation on domestic violence to two cohorts of young people, which included facts and figures that they could use to plan a pitch for fundraising activity.

Then on their Social Action Day, the young people went went to the Dudley town centre and placed collection tins in shops to help fundraise for Black Country Women’s Aid. They also gave out posters and leaflets to businesses and shoppers, armed with the knowledge learned from our presentation. It was a blazing hot day and they did so well.

Making an additional impact

The young people were committed to making a difference and their volunteering didn’t end at poster distribution.

The NCS volunteers raised funds for gift packs, bought the items and collated into the requested 3 categories:

  1. Women’s Packs = 6
  2. Men’s Packs = 5
  3. Homeless women’s packs = 5

Each pack has a handwritten note of encouragement for the receiver and has been received with heartfelt gratitude by the people we support. Thank you!

Looking to the future

We are thrilled at the enthusiasm and support shown by the NCS Volunteers and look forward to working with the NCS again in the future.

Got an idea for a volunteering activity? Contact us on volunteers@blackcountrywomensaid.co.uk