In a collaboration aimed at enriching the next generation of leaders, HSBC recently joined hands with Black Country Women’s Aid (BCWA) to impart valuable knowledge and insights through their Young Leaders Program. This initiative, which took place on a bright morning, exemplified the power of community engagement and the shared commitment to individual development.

Introductions and Career Insights

The day began with HSBC representatives introducing themselves and sharing their diverse career journeys. This personal touch created a welcoming atmosphere and set the tone for an engaging day ahead.

“Starting Your Career” Session

The morning session kicked off with an interactive discussion on “Starting Your Career,” offering valuable guidance on navigating the complexities of the professional world. The Young Leaders were given insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as they embark on their career journeys.

Interactive Breakout Groups

Following this, Young Leaders split into smaller groups to delve deeper into topics such as crafting compelling CVs, mastering job interviews, and addressing any career-related queries they had. This personalised approach allowed for meaningful interactions and addressed individual concerns.

Banking and Leadership

HSBC’s expertise in banking and people/project management was highlighted as everyone headed over to the HSBC branch where staff shared their knowledge on managing finances and leadership skills. The branch’s insights into the world of banking provided valuable financial literacy and career perspectives.

Lunch Break

The midday break provided a chance for everyone to network, share experiences, and recharge for the afternoon’s activities.

“Banking 101” Session

After lunch, all participants reconvened at BCWA for the enlightening “Banking 101” session. This session, led by HSBC, covered the fundamental aspects of accounts, savings, and financial planning. It empowered attendees with the knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions.

A Shared Commitment

Reflecting on the day, HSBC Network Manager, Dieter Groll, said:

It is so amazing to get to work with Black Country Women’s Aid on the future leader’s programme, it is great to see the dedication and commitment from the group and be able to play a small part in their development.

When I first heard about the programme, I knew immediately that we would be able to help with our HSBC financial education sessions that we are delivering across schools and colleges in the community. Thank you for allowing us to be involved!


This collaborative effort between HSBC and BCWA exemplifies the power of community support and the transformational impact it can have on the future leaders of tomorrow. Through education, mentorship, and shared experiences, these young individuals are better equipped to embark on their professional journeys with confidence and resilience.

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