The West Midlands Stalking Support Service presents an essential conference for 2022: Stalking: Centering victims in tackling perpetrators

Thursday 26th May

9.30am – 4.30pm

Join us in-person or online:

  • To book for our in-person conference at Birmingham City University, Curzon Building, Cardigan Street, Birmingham, B4 7PD click here
  • To book to attend the conference online click here

Stalking is a terrifying crime that can persist for extended periods of time, creating distress, fear and devastating long term impacts.

People who experience stalking often say that the responsibility to prevent stalking behaviour seems to fall on their shoulders. They are advised to: “change your number”, “come off social media”, “change your routines”, “change your life”… In reality this will often do little to deter fixated perpetrators who are intent on their stalking behaviour. In some cases these actions may even increase the risk to the person victimised.

So what should we be focused on? Let start the conversation! At this conference you will hear from a range of agencies involved in addressing stalking, including:

  • Professionals and survivors from the West Midlands Stalking Support Service discussing the survivor experience
  • Black Country Women’s Aid on the relationship between stalking and domestic abuse
  • Academics from Birmingham City University and the University of Derby, introducing new research into stalking behaviour online and in the workplace, the mindset of stalkers, and discussing perpetrator interventions
  • West Midlands Police on interventions available to address stalking perpetrators
  • The Crown Prosecution Service on legal interventions and stalking in the criminal justice system

Please join us, either on or offline, using the booking links above.

To find out more about the West Midlands Stalking Support Service, click here.