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We are looking for volunteers who can provide a lifeline for victims of abuse in Sandwell by helping us get the word out about support services.

Date posted: 25/06/20

Home is not a safe place for everyone: many residents of your local area are suffering additional hardships during the lockdown, facing domestic violence and abuse in their families. We know that because of the current restrictions people may struggle to get help as many community spaces are closed and not everyone can reach us online or by phone from home.

We want to try to reach people directly by placing posters in the places that these victims might still be attending such as their local grocery shops, supermarkets and food banks. These posters may be a lifeline to women, men and children who are very isolated and cut off from normal channels of support due to their abusers being at home 24/7. Their trip to get food may be the only opportunity they have to get out of the house and contact us.

All you would need is confidence to be able to contact local places and hand over posters and a leaflet.

If you think you can help us please contact volunteers@blackcountrywomensaid.co.uk

Thank you